Hedge Walk

First time ever in Germany: A project by Andy Goldsworthy

As a new project of the Nieheim Art Trail, Andy Goldsworthy will create the Hedge Walk in a field about two kilometers south of the village of Holzhausen. Over time, more than 1000 hawthorn plants will grow together to form a 180-meter-long, walkable, natural tunnel. Gently ascending a hill, visitors always have the light at the upper end in view as they walk, while inside the thorny hedge they will experience the security and intimacy of the space, as in an animal burrow. Moreover, as a landscape marker, it not only provides actual habitat for local wildlife, but also evokes the beauty and utility of a landscape once dominated by hedgerows.

Andy Goldsworthy’s knowledge of the enduring link between his work and site are crucial in this regard. Hedge Walk will grow into a strong and enduring landscape marker, sending a lasting signal of the coexistence of people and the environment.

By purchasing a sponsorship of one or more hawthorn plants, you can become an integral part of this pioneering project. The cost of a sponsorship per plant is € 200. Of course, you can also donate without becoming a sponsor. In that case, please address your donation to:

KulturGut Holzhausen e. V.

Sparkasse Paderborn, Detmold, Höxter

IBAN: DE76 4725 1550 0120 0020 84

Verwendungszweck (Reason for payment): Hedge Walk donation

For donations of € 300,- or more you will automatically receive a donation receipt. For amounts up to € 300,- please send us your contact information including e-mail  and postal address via e-mail to: hedgewalk@nieheimer-kunstpfad.de, should you require donation receipt.

We appreciate your support!

Thank you very much for your commitment,

Johann von der Borch

Chairman of the Friends of KulturGut Holzhausen e.V.

Learn more about Andy Goldsworthy here: https://andygoldsworthystudio.com and https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Goldsworthy.

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